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Are you looking for a reliable electronic cigarettes wholesaler in the USA? Now you can buy e cigarettes wholesale without having to wait months to receive your products from China. China is home to many of the largest electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world. However, when ordering e cigarettes from China you’ll quickly discover a number of different problems. First is quality control. Due to the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, China e cigarette factories are extremely busy as they are making e cigarettes for everyone in the world. China e cigarette factories have 10,000′s of thousands of orders coming in and they are being flooded. Currently there is a big demand in China for more ecigarette factory workers. Many times the massive amount of orders can trickle down to your order! With quantity being sacrificed for quantity this can result in poor battery life of your e cigarette and bad tasting ecig cartridges. When ordering your electronic cigarettes directly from a USA supplier you have a number of advantages. Your first advantage is going to be the increase in quality control, which means better battery life and better tasting cartridges and more testing. Electronic Cigarettes Fast.com is a leading provide of electronic cigarettes here in the USA.


We test every product to meet our strict 100% satisfaction guideline. If it doesn’t produce more vapor than the competitor simply call us for a full refund! If you’re looking for the best prices from a leading supplier of e cigarettes in here the USA then please visit us directly by clicking on the banner ad below.

Hello potential electronic cigarette business associate. My name is Clinton Riskus and I’m the one who wrote the information on this page. First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read the information on this page. The information on this page is intended for those who are interested in taking a part of the booming e cig industry. If you’ve found this page via google, yahoo or msn you more than likely were looking for a service such as mine (Electronic Cigarette Dropshipping). Dropshipping is a great alternative for any savy entrepenuer who is looking to take advantage of the growing electronic cigarette market yet lacks the capital to buy initial inventory. With the high start up costs associated with purchasing ecigarettes from overseas manufacturers often times your best bet might just be working with a local electronic cigarette distributor.

Call  SimpleCig electronic cigarettes today to discuss joining our wholesale network. For those savy in internet marketing joing our online e cigarette affiliate program and start earning huge commissions online within 30 days! Call 866-443-8870 to discuss dropshipping and wholesale opportunities.

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